Print dies, hello part time opinionists

I was stunned by the news – De:Bug magazine will cease to be published as a print magazine.

Even though this news did not come utterly unexpected it shocked me. I ran this magazine for a few years and know how hard it is today to monetize quality content. Obviously the situation got worse since I left.


Editorial content, editorial as in ‘written by journalists, not part time opinionists’ comes at a price. This is evident but obviously not common knowledge or better not something we want to think about.

Of course, an article written by someone who keeps track on a topic over a period of time, who does thorough research, who travels to a distinct location to see / interview / observe, who can recourse on the infrastructure of an editorial staff will write more reliable, precise, rich, grounded.

Of course there are many experts who actually do write online with a lot of expertise, secondary usage of what they actually do to make a living (or to spend their time). I don’t think we have to discuss the lack of distance and objectiveness here.


I just want to ask, who far do we want to push this amateurization of content? When will we actually start to miss the very sources and points of reference, all this part time opinionists rely on? To be honest – I already do. And I’m haven’t even started to talk about other advantages like decent layout instead of such crappy design templates as for this very blog…

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