C’n’B aftermath

I just came back from two days c’n’b convention in Cologne.

Again this cosy convention around music and creative content businesses proved to be one of my favorite events in Germany.

Most of the people I normally do business with suddenly become relaxed nice people to hang out with, who prefer a chat to an appointment, introducing you to people or issues you haven’t come across yet.

In a nutshell, it’s chatting, exchanging gossip, leisure to start new ideas or relations.

But besides this comfy tune you get exposed to a good set of issues presented in a different, charming way: At least I’ve never seen an association’s president banging her head on a table in frustration during a panel ever before. On a regular basis you will end beyond those usual surfaces, phrases and prerecorded opinions but in the midst of a heated debate that reveals so much more about the emotional aspects of the given issue.

That’s how I like panels.

One of my personal highlights was an enlightening speech by Nikhil Shah from mixcloud, who talked about branded content starting from branded cows, to industrialization, to Aristoteles, to emotional aspects of consumption, setting a high benchmark with his opening keynote.

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