GEMA raises fees up to 1850%

This is not new, the news been around for a couple of days but I don’t want to keep this from anyone who missed it. It’s just too good. German collecting society GEMA finally learned about technical progress and immediately acted accordingly.

If you buy any storage device in Germany, either a cassette, a hard drive, a USB stick, 10 Cent of the retail price go to the GEMA, as possibly content represented by GEMA might be copied onto this devices.
Now GEMA found out, that the storage capacity of a 16GB USB stick developed significantly from a music cassette and wants to adjust the fee to the actual size of the storage device.
This is not a wrong idea at all but leads to the fact, that the fee will increase up to 1850%! (91Cent for a < 4GB USB stick, 1,95 EUR for a > 4GB SD card etc.)
It will take at least another year until GEMAs plan was checked by the patent authorities, but I’d advise to buy some USB sticks now.

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