Microsoft goes eBook

Two of the big loosers of digitalization join forces.

Microsoft invests 300 million into the respective businesses at Book seller Barnes & Nobles countering the APple/iPad and Amazon/Kindle bundles, already speaking of a ‘revolution in reading’.

Which actually means that the new Windows 8 will feature the nook ebook reader.

Microsoft will own 17.6 percent of the temporarily named ‘NewCo’, enough to boost estimates of this joint business up to 1,7 billion, twice as much as Barnes & Nobles and it’s 700 outlets was valuated at the stock market before.

The companies didn’t say anything about new products besides the Nook app. But it’s reasonable to assume that future Nooks will now tilt toward Microsoft’s platforms. Upcoming versions of the Nook could operate on Windows Mobile (as opposed to Android, which they currently run), giving Microsoft a foothold in the tablet market. Not to forget Microsoft’s ambitions in digital media services, speech recognition technology, and whatever they want to come up with…

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