Games Over

dtp entertainment AG, one of the bigger German games publishers applied for bankruptcy. dtp is neither the first nor the last to go this way, but it triggers something with me.

Do you remember just the last few years, nearly any music b2b event presenting ‘games’, this swot, this prodigy of media industries as the future, the most potential partner, the solution, yep the saviour for music industries?

At Midem, at Popkomm, at Music Matters, labels and publishers were chasing deals with Xboxes and Wiis hoping to get a piece of the pie.

Telling people that the games industry is suffering far worse from piracy than the music industry wasn’t a good idea. But if you think about it – how long does it take to develop a block buster game? Three years? Now compare three years investment in the games industry for expensive staff, hardware, software development, and the gambling to match the consumer’s taste in 3 years to producing a record. Now compare the per piece loss of any ripped game.

Stakes are high, but so are the risks.


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