musicplayr makes music personal again

musicplayr is a Berlin based service which is rather simple and straightforward. Regarding the shitloads of players compiling music from youtube, soundcloud, your disc or wherever in most fancy ways, this is a good thing to me.

musicplayr features only one (!) single public playlist for each member. I take this as a statement. Not to clutter a listener with the common +17million tracks but to offer one elaborated, worthy, good, personal playlist. On my iPad (which I recently lost in Atlanta) you’d still find amongst the most played albums things from the past like Dr. Junior, they might be giants, Fantomas, – I don’t need everything, I don’t WANT everything. I want good music. And good music is music

– that either challenges my listening habits – which I do not listen to as part of a never-ending whitenoise in the background

– that I can dance to – which I want to hear in a club, not at home

– that I can listen to 10 times in a row – which brings us back to the one playlist concept

Thorsten Lüttger, cofounder and Co-Ceo of musicplayr has a point here. He makes music something you have, no, you want to interact with on a very personal, high level. Or as he calls it, ‘we love music, but music is broken‘ Music is no disposable product, but a life long experience. Lüttger offers a perspective that the music industry should support rather than dump their product into those many arbitrary black boxes.

I like it!




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