Amen? Hell, No!

Berlin based Amen asks you to contribute and vote for the best or worst things in life. From the worst goulash to the best song ever.

Now rating user generated bullshit or fun is nothing new when it comes to build a short lasting community. Gossip and the ‘hey look at this’-factor works. Now Amen offers gossip without the negative attitude but invites to randomly mingle with random people about random weirdness.

In their press kit they state a solid $3 Million funding, as well as a founding crew of experienced mobile aficionados – Felix Petersen who was Head of Product Strategy, Nokia Services, Caitlin Winner was with Nokia too and Florian Weber was one of the very early engineers at Twitter.

But to me Amen is the example when I should explain the dead end of the App market, short term products that are clearly designed to be obsolete soon enough to not hinder the next App, and that offer no perspective for development but a clone with other parameters for the same game. Amen.


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