Nokia – down for the count?

Nokia, the deposed king of mobile phones faces three big problems. First and above all, Nokia is loosing money. Lots of money. 2011 to 2012 the overall revenue dropped 29% to 9.7billion USD and is loosing money (18.5% of it’s revenue – read the earnings release here).

But why? Nokia’s Net Cash went down 24% in one year and if you back out Microsofts “platform support payments” it looks far worse!

Of course – Nokia completely overslept the smartphone. Focusing on dumbphones Nokia is now leading a field of business which is in a race to the bottom. Nokia’s last hope: its new Windows Phone “smart devices”. But the latest Lumia smartphones recieved, erm well, mixed reviews and is selling like stale beer.

Nokia bleeds cash, its dumbphone business in a race to the bottom, and its plunge into the Microsoft ecosystem isn’t off to a good start. What’s next for the company? Can it turn itself around, and how?


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