Things are taking shape,

Germans don’t consider themselves overly fast moving or innovative but tend to observe the US or Asian market and be impressed how self confident and openly entrepreneurs speak about money, ideas and projects. Even though this just proves that their own developments are state of the art.

Coming back from SxSW was kind of a waking call. Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, resident networks now debate how to better profile their markets. Big plans are buzzing how to set up communication, blast information about companies and events and above all how to cooperate in order to highlight German based interactive businesses.

The German market is big in it’s various media businesses but still failing to exploit the potentials of connecting this yet largely separated markets. But they are on it. Stay tuned for the upcoming programs of Berlin Web Week, Berlin Music Week, c’n’b and Reeperbahn Festival (what’s up in Munich by the way?).

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