Indies vs. Pirates / the dark side of politics

German swarm intelligence based new party ‘Die Piraten’ (pirates), published a study, stating artists incomes increased by 30% since 1995, and therefore imply that online piracy did not harm any artists at all. This comes at no surprise, as Die Piraten mainly focus on web related topics for their programme.

Now the German Association for Independent Music Businesses (VUT) commented this study as ignrant, cynical, and incompetent. Word. VUT says, the stupidity of the conclusions makes it hard to take the sudy serious, which contradicts their vehement statement. But as Piraten’s popularity is increasing, countering such popularity might be necessary.

The study neglects 16 years inflation, risen costs and is based on two sets of data – one which is only an estimation of incomes by the KSK (artists social care) and sales counted by the german collecting society, excluding many artists.

But besides number crunching and comparing statistics, this case proves one thing – if the online comunity fails to make their point, is not able to evaluate more validate and reliable data than the associations they are accusing, but insist on making policy on such estimations, they do not better than any corporate driven capitalism.


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