SxSW aftermath 2nd

Just was reflecting on the buzzwords of SXSW 2012:

Geotagged – why not make this a new outlet?

I like the city guides available today – within reach of a place I’m offered some information, now imagine sound files of the current booking at the club I pass (or search on google maps) – content that I can share without spoiler like on youtube. Where I get offers like a video of the last concert that happened here or where I leave the movies, carrying the film away with me already on my device, as I paid 2 extra bucks for my ticket.


Social Media – why not restrict social the same way it works in real life?

Imagine an online community where I have to earn my access to certain areas or content. Where in return activity is rewarded by more than a star or whatever before my atavar, for example by providing access to bonus material, press demo releases, cheaper tickets, travel vouchers to the festival or other incentives. Best things I can not buy, backstage access, a home concert, guest lists, …


Convergence – to my friends

I want to watch soccer, with Skype running on my TV set, not seeing twitter feeds of people I don’t know but with a selected bunch of friends? To whom I can talk to in real time while watching.

And at the same time I get access to videos, uploaded by fans that stand in the stadium behind the goal – in realtime.

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