Berlin Music Week aftermath

I was a little lazy posting the last few week, but visiting Berlin Music Week kind of speeded up my pulse enough to get going again.

Have you been there? No? You missed something. The proof that the Berlin senate still has money to burn. Berlin Music Week was a desaster – not only that it was empty and mostly pointless, the organisers seem to have no clue what the music industry wants from them. You are right, it’s alittle lame to blame it all to clueless project organizers – actually if a senate spends money on an event, one should think, they know what purpose they are following…

Not in Berlin.

Berlin Music Week / Popkomm has not answered the question, whether it is a tourist event, drawing audience via showcases and the Berlin Festival, or if it is a b2b event focused on communication and networking. As a result it failed in both.

The Festival was empty, the showcases went nearly unseen as there was no advertising for them, and the b2b event was such a weird concept of various modules attatched to renting boothes, that no one got it, and no one came.

Well, at least not to the fair itself – Danish Music Export informed me, that they brought nearly 40 companies to Berlin, but none of them came to the actual event, but rather held their meetings around the city.


Do you think Berlin will invest in another event in 2012?

I don’t think so…

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