your iPhone will be blocked soon

At least during capitalism, capitalism seemed to be somehow logic. Someone makes something, and someone else buys it, more makers make more diversity, higher quality, customers, consumers can descide, vigilantism by bad buy! May the best offer win.

The nice’n cosy consumer’s world is breaking up. Especially now, as the stuff we buy get’s more and more intelligent, stuffed with software and subsystems.

Companies like Apple, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Google, Microsoft push AI into their devices, more software, more features, more complex dependencies, that we will buy. The problem with copy right and software is. that we will only partly be able to buy this products but more and more become licensees of shells stuffed with patented software. We will only own our mobile or tablet as long as a patent lawyer needs to stamp the right paper, to start a law case on evenly rounded edges or using a subpatented subsoftware for an app.

An old coffee machine was so much easier to handle. But do we know if our new toaster will be allowed to toast after it’s next software update? You shouldn’t go shopping without your copy right lawyer any more – it might happen, that some chinese or brasilian lawyer blocks your mobile system of your new iPhone untill the case is settled – you bought the shell, the plastic and some circuits but not the software.

And now lawyers even start to attack the shell too.

What am I talking about?

check this:

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