digital promotion sucks

Label Ninja Tune accused German music magazine Backspin for leaking Toddla T.’s upcoming album ‘watch me dance’ to filesharing plattforms. They even went so far to name the journalist they suspect. The label bases it’s accusation on watermarks which allowed them to track the leaked material back to a specific person.

Read the official statement:

“… we learnt in the last week that two records we have been working on have been leaked, despite the use of watermarked CDs. … upcoming releases were both leaked from copies sent to the journalist (name) at the offices of Backspin magazine in Germany.

The availability of these records online for free has meant a rush release of the digital version of Toddla’s record, which, after the years of work put in, will seriously affect the ability to make any kind of financial return from commercial release. No one at the magazine has yet taken responsibility for uploading these records to the internet, but until the situation is resolved, we will no longer be servicing Backspin with promo copies. It’s very hard for young, up and coming artists to make a living from their music. People uploading their music months before it is commercially available are not doing them any favours.”

Backspin answered and denies tha any of their staff is to held responsible for the leaked albums. They investigated that the material was already leaked and online before the promo CD reached their office.

The escalation of this shows how imprtant it became to agree on various issues around digital and physical promotion nowadays, from voiceovers to leaking to spam….

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