Google Music Beta launched

This Tuesday Google launched a beta of their music service “Music Beta By Google” which comes with a free cloud music locker, a music player and an updated Android music app.

Google, like Amazon launched (even if it’s only beta) without the permission of the majors. Maybe because their beta doesn’t include any sort of download or streaming service that generates revenues, unlike what you’ll likely to see from Apple soon. Record labels still dream of being paid a second time for a purchase lockered in a cloud service like theese, but obviously both Google and Amazon feel legally comfortable with their actions or they wouldn’t have gone ahead with their services as they have.

Personally I don’t see what the big deal is in terms of getting label permission to store songs. The only thing beyond cloud storage that a locker service offers at this point is a custom music player, although the labels feel that the ability to stream music that you’ve purchased on any device that you own to be somehow worth an additional payment.

If you live in the states you can sign up for a Music Beta invite, click here, then click on “Request an Invitation” in the upper right corner.


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