Berlin Music Week – second issue

Next issue of Berlin Music Week (BMW) will take place 7-11. September 2011.

Again, according it’s latest press release, it will cluster various events and partners like the Berlin Music Commission, all2gethernow (DIY conference), Berlin Club Commission, Popkomm and the Berlin Festival (open air at Tempelhof airfield).

First proof of a common momentum is the claim this partners agreed on, ‘raise attractiveness, identification and user-friendliness by joint efforts’. If anyone understands this, I’d be happy to be enlightened.

Anyway – the recent press release speaks of the invention of ‘new projects and formats’ as well as prioritization on issues like newcomers, Heavy Metal and club festivals. what it does lack is information how BMW will work out and deliver to the respective requirements of the b2b/industry people and the public.

A second challenge for this cluster will be to clarify exactly what one will get for which ticket from which partner.

If you just want to see some good bands, it’s as easy as this –  buy a ticket granting access to Berlin Festival and various club events under the umbrella of BMW + free public transport for 89,-EUR.

The Berlin Festival lines up Suede, Primal Scream, Beirut, Mogwai, Battles, The Drums, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Apparat, Pantha du Prince, Diplo, A-Trak, Boy George (DJ Set), Skrillex, DJ Hell, Brodinski, Andy Butler (DJ Set) and many more.

Which is rather impressing but I doubt of any interest to A&Rs or bookers. So i guess the newcomer focus will take place in the many clubs in Berlin.

As for the b2b part, Popkomm will be a pure b2b event again after last years attempt to open it’s gates to the public. DIY biased conference all2gethernow will be happening again too, as well as other networking and matchmaking events during the course of BMW.

Unfortunately there was no information available if e.g. a all2gethernow ticket will grant access to Popkomm or where this events will be located, as well as ticket prices or conference details, participants so far, headlining issues, partners,….

So stay tuned.

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