I’m lost and sold to the hype

Let’s meet up!

When you’ve been on any major music event the last couple of weeks, you must have ran into someone representing Midem, SxSW, Womex, Popkomm, Berlin Music Week, Eurosonic, Amsterdam Dance Event, Sonar, Reeperbahn Festival, CMJ, Canadian Music Week, North by Northeast, Musexpo, The Great Escape, Winter Music Conference, Music Matters, In the City, Tallin Music Week, By:Larm, Mutek, feira musica brazil, ℅ Pop / c’n’b, jazzahead, Liverpool Sound City, mosquito, Spot and many more…

One of the partners of Berlin Music Week even wrote on her blog, the best thing about SxSW was the good opportunity to meet the other (german!) music conferences for talks.

The future is:…

As far as I can see, there are two reasons for this mass of music conferences.

First and most obvious, adding a b2b appendix to ones festival makes acts showcases and reduces booking fees.

Second it became a big business to exploit the discomposure and fear of the music industry that faces dropping sales as well as stealth take over of their business by other industries. For conference organizers it is a simple conclusion – when the music biz has no money to spend on their products, they need to find other industries to fill this gap. I’m not saying that the amount of tec and online companies being represented at music conferences is purely based on this fact, but it definitely is a good match for this situation.

As a result, relevant knowledge transfer or training regarding the use and objectives of such branches for the music industry is missing at most of these music conferences in favor of giving this other industries a marketing platform, leads and leaving this unmoderated to the companies whom this might concern.

What I’m speaking about is, that you can attend panels where 5 online services highlight their points, outsmart each other but no one actually informs the audience / music people what they should do with this.

So everyone listens to talks about the pros and cons of html5 vs. flash, OSX vs. Android, clouds, streams and whatever and gets no hands on knowledge about the effects, chances or stumbling blocks of all this.

Just read Popkomms latest press release: ‘media gate is the new platform for digital music services’ (not! music industry) ‘where they can debate and present themselves’, it’s about ‘mobile-cloud-streaming’ whatever this might be.

The concept has been written by Regine Haschka-Helmer and Manuel Gerres from Seedlab, who come from a PR and E-Learning or a recording and tv production background. Haschka-Helmer speaks it to the point, ‘(we) create a new show for (!) digital music services, concentrating … the music industries players…’ (for them?).

What I miss is conferences for the music industry, and not events where the music industry gets presented to third parties in order to generate business for online-mobile-cloud-streamers and conference organizers. Yet the music industry does not seem able to finance such an event…

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