boys who like girls who like girls, fb the largest photo collection there is

Facebook has a larger photo collection than any other site on the web. The site now stores about 60 billion photos compared to Photobucket’s 8 billion, Picasa’s 7 billion and Flickr’s 5 billion.

Photo organizing Facebook app Pixable has evaluated who is posting what, when and gets tagged by whom.

According to the data, weekends are the most popular days for uploading photos. Middle-aged users and those in their twenties upload comparable numbers of photos, but the older group uses significantly fewer tags. Women upload about twice as many photos as men, photos with women in them are generally preferred.

“Guys prefer photos with girls. Girls prefer photos with girls. Pretty much everyone prefers photos with girls,” explained Pixable CEO Inaki Berenguer at a recent Social Media Week panel.

here is a great data viz on this topic:



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