are fans retarded?

Midem 1990?

I stumbled upon this blog post on musicthinktank by Derek Miller, which made me wince and whine in my chair this morning.

Miller wants musicians to act like ‘Rock Stars’ as to outsiders the music biz seems ‘sexy’, something everyone with a regular day job desires.

The objective for the musician should be to make them feel as being part of it and in return they will ‘help you’.

I remember Midem three years ago, I was chatting with some label guys at the Martinez lobby when they started to rant about the good ol times when busloads of whores being shuttled to the respective 5 star hotels in Cannes, where ‘XXX (a quite well known label manager) had 6 in a row!’.

I hardly could avoid to puke or laugh in front of them, as all of them still felt so great being at a hilarious expensive lobby (a small beer is 13,-EUR) getting romantic about memories including paying for getting laid.

Do you really believe this might be attractive to anyone with at least half a brain?

Do you really think anyone desires to be such a pathetic retard?

If this is your picture of your fans, your clients, you’d better seek professional aid to help you.


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