iAds twice as effective as TV ads

Nielsen is reporting (that’s why I post this one, as Nielsen does normally not spread PR or bullshit), according to the results of a new survey, that Apple’s iAds were more than twice as effective as television advertising for the same product (in this case it was canned soup).

Nielsen says that customers who saw the ads in Apple’s operating system were five times as likely to recall the brand name, and three times as likely to remember what the ad said. The iAd audience said they were likely to purchase the product five times more than the television audience.

Maybe the Warhol factor was kind of appealing – we don’t know, still this is highly interesting, as there is no real ad business for iPad applications at this stage…

source: http://www.tuaw.com/2011/02/03/iads-more-effective-than-tv-advertising-nielsen-finds

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