AOL buys Huffington Post, or SEO is the new Pulitzer Prize

This is a bomb!

Just read a press release from AOL and The Huffington Post:


The new combined media group of Huffington and AOL will reach 117 million americans and 270 nillion globally. AOL Inc. announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire The Huffington Post, the influential and rapidly growing news, analysis, and lifestyle website founded in 2005, which now counts nearly 25 million unique monthly visitors. AOL has agreed to purchase The Huffington Post for $315 million, approximately $300 million of which will be paid in cash funded from cash on hand. The Huffington Post is privately owned by its two cofounders, as well as a group of investors.

But what is even more interesting is the leaked master plan of AOL behind this move. It’s a blueprint of how to make money in the internet via editorial content. Now this is the part that makes this very case so important and a must read for all you music and content people.

In a nutshell, AOL is pushing the following rules upon it’s staff

The entire document is newsworthy, but here are some pages you must make sure to see:

see the full doc:


One thought on “AOL buys Huffington Post, or SEO is the new Pulitzer Prize

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