Piracy makes nearly a quarter of global internet traffic, says study

Online piracy is a big issue amongst right holders, but now for the first time, a study handed reliable data how big piracy actually is. NBC Universal asked UK based Envisional Ltd, to survey ‘An Estimate of Infringing Use of the Internet’.

No surprise, 23.8% of internet traffic is affecting copyright-infringing material.

Bob Pisano, president and interim CEO MPAA, said, “Our society would not tolerate a situation where one-quarter of all the traffic in and out of the bakeries, butcher shops and grocery stores involved stolen merchandise, and we cannot tolerate the vast explosion of digital theft on the Internet.”

Well Bob, bakeries have been built to sell stuff, the internet has been built to share data.

The report sys that 11.4% of internet traffic is BitTorrent, 5.1% is generated by online storage sites like RapidShare, 1.4% comes from unlicensed video streaming sites, and 0.86% from Usenet and other kinds of P2P service.

The report also found that of 10,000 popular files on BitTorrent tracker PublicBT, just 2.9% was music content. Meanwhile adult content accounted for 35.8%, films for 35.2% and TV shows for 14.5%.

Full report as PDF: http://documents.envisional.com/docs/Envisional-Internet_Usage-Jan2011.pdf


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