MIDEM: Who’s making money with music (or the music industry)?

2011 MidemNet Lab winners are Jammbox, Next Big Sound &Shuffler.fm. Who are they, and what are the business models behind?

Jammbox (Australia) deliver with their new app Discovr an iPad App which is a graphical music recommendation system. Next Big Sound (USA) a data management for DIY workers that want to generate evidence where when which fan posted something on a social network (who will evaluate all this data? and based on which references?). And last but not least Shuffler.fm (The Netherlands) – an online radio that aggregates it’s content from music blogs, “Like StumbleUpon & Pandora for Music Blogs” said readwriteweb.

In other words:

1) DIY tools aiming at optimizing the process of self exploitation, which leads us back to the early 90s and a definition of ‘being indie’ based on Sarah Thorntons theory of cultural capital. Yeah – that’s where we’re now…

2) Automated recommendation tools suggesting that not even the industry itself believes in it’s ability any more to act as a filter, a source of quality, an expert customers believe, trust and buy from?

3) Online radio that does rely on sources that most likely don’t even know what a collecting society is.

We should name credit banks here too, even if they are called buzzwordish crowdfunds – which show the lack of investment capital to achieve the most pressing goals nowadays within the music industry.


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