Hadopi fails – filesharers share files

MusicAlly reported that French tech site ZDNet.fr conducted a survey recently to find out whether the new three-strikes regime is actually leading to less illegal actions, as filesharers shit bricks instead of ignoring copyrights.

ZeroPaid reports that nearly 75% of filesharers don’t care and go on as usual. Now is 25% less illegal activities a lot – but musically provides some context:

80% of the survey’s respondents said they never download content illegally – meaning 20% do. 15% of all the people surveyed said they continue to download unabated (hence 75% of filesharers). Meanwhile, 9% of all people surveyed (45% of filesharers) say they are being ‘more vigilant than before’ about their filesharing to ensure they aren’t caught.

source: http://musically.com/blog/2011/01/17/is-hadopi-dissuading-illegal-filesharers-well/


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