What the internet is doing to our brains

Nicholas Carr wrote a new book following his bestselling ‘the big switch’, called The Shallows / What the internet is doing to our brains.

Not surprisingly, he states that, to process data, we need time and leisure. (…) our short term memory can only cope with a very limited amount of information. It takes a while until such data settled in long term memory as what commonly is called knowledge. If we bomb our short term memory with stimulation information overload the effect simply is, that we don’t remember and therefore don’t know anything at all…

And ‘…the bond between book reader and book writer has always been a tightly symbiotic one, a means of intellectual and artistic cross-fertilization. The words of the writer act as a catalyst in the mind of the reader, inspiring new insights, connections, and perceptions. And the very existence of the attentive, critical reader provides the spur for the writer’s work…’

If you’re into a rather romantic critic on new technologies it’s a good read.

source: http://www.nicholasgcarr.com/


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