does Midem feed a cuckoos chick? MidemNet Lab is about bypassing the industry

does Midem feed a cuckoos chick?

MidemNet Lab is a startup showcase embedded in the music b2b fair Midem.

30 finalists across three categories (mobile apps, B2B, and B2C music services) have been announced recently and will be presented during Midem in January.

The funny thing is – Midem is a traditional music b2b fair, where content owners or publishers still try to trade content. It’s about selling music from content producing industries to consumers or brands.

But nearly all of the MidemNet Lab finalists do present tool for DIY production, sharing, cloud storage, retrieval systems, etc. So the future being presented at Midem is about bypassing the recording industry in order to grab, modify and sharing existing content. Weird…

The finalist are:

Mobile applications

Airbuzz (France) – music discovery
Amidio (Russia) – music making tool
Bounce Mobile (UK) – remix tool
Jammbox (Australia) – music news aggregator (USA) – music making tool
Mix Me In (USA) – cloud music service
NearVerse (USA) – digital provider for live experience
Playmysong (Finland) – social music service
Songpier (Germany) – artists apps development
Steam Republic (Finland) – direct-to-fan marketing

Industry services (B2B)

Audiomagnet (Germany) – direct-to-Fan marketing
Decibel (UK) – data management
GigsWiz (Finland) – ticketing
Interlude (USA) – interactive video technology
Jingle Punks (USA) – music licensing
MATIvision (Greece) – live interactive video technology
Merchluv (USA) – merchandising (New Zealand) – social music service
Next Big Sound (USA) – data management
RootMusic (USA) – music marketing on facebook

Consumer services (B2C)

22tracks (The Netherlands) – music discovery
Geisha Music (Finland) – collaborative music making tool (Austria) – streaming service
Psonar (UK) – cloud music service (Spain) – streaming service (The Netherlands) – online radio
SongHi (Finland) – music game
Thounds (USA) – collaborative music creation platform
Viinyl (Canada) – music marketing
Zooz (USA) – music discovery

Find more details on the MidemLab finalists here:



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