facebook terms of use could help copyright holders

Just very few large companies are the dominant access points for music listeners today when it comes to explore new music. If you’re not in the loop on Facebook postings or alike, you’re much likely not going to happen at all – which means such platforms execute a great deal of control over music companies.

Facebook frequently changes its rules, especially for privacy settings and posting content. For example you cannot incentivize users on Facebook – you can’t offer, ‘Become a friend and we’ll give you something for free’. Not because of any copyright issue, but simply because Facebook does not want you to. That means brands, artists and labels need to be careful how they structure promotions and giveaways in online communities.

Social Platforms terms of use are way faster, enforceable and easier to handle than copyright law. But this works in both directions – you can can shut off a company in violation of those rules, as well as a platform could help companies to shut off third parties who mess with their respective content.

The only question would be, what interest could social media companies have to help the content industries?

source: http://www.billboard.biz/bbbiz/content_display/industry/e3i2878352c385d43212e56a4e967d5bc20


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