diversity drives all of us

I grew up in a rather remote area, in a small village in the high alps. Before there was tourism the whole region was rather poor as the soil is too poor, winters too hard and long for growing fruits. Apart from grass and pine trees nothing really did grow there, that was what everybody thought.

In a village nearby, there lives this one farmer, a freak, an outsider. His passion was to collect plants from all over the world, his dream to make all of them grow in his own garden.

Over a period of 20 years, he – step by step – planted trees, bushes, fruits from all over the world into his woods and gardens, not in separate cells but in a wild uncultured mix.

What happened was that the broader the diversity of plants became, the more he mixed endemic with exotic plants, trees with flowers, fruit with bushes, the better all of them did grow.

In the end he even managed to grow exotics like Kiwis trees in the middle of the high alps.

To make a long story short, diversity supports all it’s elements. And even more, uncultured broad diversity allows it’s elements to actually grow. None of them would have a chance to survive on their own, only the mix provides an environment where everything can grow and develop.

I don’t think I need to translate this into terms of music, culture, independent, freedom of artistic expression and economic outcome to you to make one understand what I mean.

If a farmer is able to harvest pineapples in the high alps, just by supporting a huge variety we all should start to do the same in our backyards and businesses.

Does make sense, right?


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