Bye facebook, hi diaspora

Social networks keep us busy – I wonder how one would evaluate the damage of workers tweeting, writing comments, status updates, and not spending their time on what we’re paid for…

Of course we don’t need another additional network, BUT: Remember the great threat of a mass exodus from Facebook several months back?

Users are pissed off by facebooks careless handling of our privacy. Facebook sits on one of the biggest pool of highly private, personal data and still refuses to even follow the most simple rules for protecting such data, or granting at least some transparency what they do with it.

Of course such behavior propels the call for an open-source, decentralized network. And here it is, Diaspora. Fueled by the rage of privacy concerns and general dislike of Facebook, it campaigned and raised $200,641 through Kickstarter.

The tagline on the site reads, “Share what you want, with whom you want.” In Diaspora, users can segment their contacts into groups and share items solely with those of their choosing. They take ownership of their pictures and have full control over how they’re distributed. Most of all, the team behind Diaspora strives to make every interaction on the site clean and easy. This includes privacy controls. Right now, the network is live, in invite-only beta form. While this isn’t the perfect place for artists to recruit fans, it’s important to know that it’s there. Just in case an undercurrent pulls them in. Visit the site and request an invite.


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