Korean Hadopi is censorship

Whether it is France, Ireland, USA, content owners increase pressure on ISPs to kick people offline for copyright infringements.

The idea behind this is so dumb it hurts, it is like suing General Motors to ensure customers are not allowed to drive any car again, when they had caused an accident while driving a GM car.

The french Hadopi law is kicking into full speed, sending out 25.000 notices a day. In ireland a court just ruled that Irish law does not provide the option to kick people offline due to copyright infringements.

South Korea has put in place a very strict copyright law last year, that included the ability to kick people offline for accusations (not convictions) of file sharing as a side effect of a  “free trade” agreement between the two countries.

After one year, people are getting kicked offline with one strike, no warnings or notices are sent out before ISPs take action. It is reported that also the korean government blocked websites as well as internet access, which means, in Korea they use Hadopi laws to bring sites down without any trial, without any independent institution controlling this actions, which is called censorship in other countries.

Is this where we are heading to?



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