The (real) Future of Music + video


Japanese are weirdos, especially their engineers who have now developed a fembot that can sing J-pop.

This might be the dream come true for any girl band product manager, but maybe the nightmare for any listener. Erm, or maybe we’ll not be able to tell the difference…

The robot, called by the sexy name HRP-4, was developed using breath-analysis software and mouth movement observation, it blinks and opens it’s mouth appropriately as it sings. Great.

But what did strike me is, the singing is NOT a track recording, but instead actual singing using a technique called ‘robotic shaped note singing,’ managed by Vocaloid software developed my Yamaha.

“We hope the entertainment industry will be able to make widespread use of robots,” said Masataka Goto, who leads the Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology’s media interaction group.


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