Ping is a flop

I mean the idea to implement social network options to a main source for music is good. Or rather it’s overtime that Apple did so. But till now it was hard (esp. for indie bands) to set up a proper profile on Ping. Now Apple released a pdf with best practices and hints how to do so:

  • URLs should not be included in the ‘About’ section of your artist profile. This includes official artist website URLs. URLs can only be posted in the Event feed. -> You mean you can’t post a URL of your website or Facebook page? Apples wish for control goes too far here – this is just stupid.
  • Videos, photos, and text posts should not contain pornography, hate speech, racism, nudity, or any references to or depictions of drug use -> ha, bye Rock’n’Roll bands 😉
  • Video posts will not display in countries where the product is not available for sale, or where videos are not offered through the iTunes Store .-> Making Ping a regional social network? Erm…
  • Only Quicktime and MP4 files. -> Windows Media is not allowed, does it make sense to maintain the fight with Microsoft on Ping, and make an opportunity a battlefield?

It’s still too early to evaluate how effective Ping will be in helping a band increase its visibility or building its fan base. But it seems like there are better places to spend your time more effectively.

One thought on “Ping is a flop

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