ISPs cannot be forced to act against file sharers – at least not in Ireland

Irish Internet Service Provider (ISP) UPC has won a legal case against four major music labels.

Warner Music, Universal Music, Sony BMG and EMI Records had been pressing a case to force ISPs to implement a “three strikes” system for their customers to fight file sharers. The record companies had complained that they provided a list of infringing customers but UPC had failed to act.

The Irish High Court now ruled that  identifying and cutting users off line by ISPs is not legal in Ireland. Justice Peter Charleton asserted this is due to Irish law, European legislation might decide to pave the way for content owners to force ISPs to act. In the judgement, the Irish Times reported that the court said record companies were being harmed by Internet piracy and that it “not only undermines their business but ruins the ability of a generation of creative people … to establish a viable living.” However the court also found that Irish laws were not in a position to force disconnections over illegal download activity.

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