I downloaded 1 track so I did steal 180!

It takes about $30,000 to BUY the music necessary to fill an iPods hard drive. No one spends that much on music. Still the iPod is there, and plenty of space is available – so we want/ tend to fill it with mp3 files that are there, not necessarily because we want them.

When I was searching for a song from a vinyl I unfortunately sold long times ago, I couldn’t find it on discogs or in any second hand market, it was not available in any online store either but I finally found it on piratebay.

When I was happily downloading it, I found out it was embedded in a 900MB playlist. No other option was available. In order to download the one track, I needed to download 895MB of (copyright protected) material. Do you delete this extra music? Maybe not. But do you really listen to the 180 extra songs you didn’t search for, you don’t even want?

Also I rip most (promotional) CDs I receive to my hard drive, but to be honest I merely listened to 25% of it, the rest is just occupies disc space. Imagine I downloaded all this music from a P2P network illegally and would get sued for copyright infringement. I would actually get sued for ‘owning’ stuff that I do not use, that I don’t even know I have on my hard disc.

My question is, when do you get in conflict with copyright – when you actually listen and use copyright protected material, or when you just ‘have’ it, and thus have the potential of listening to it one day?


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