Elektra Records Founder on YouTube, Blogs and the Future of Music + video

When a dinosaur is cutting edge, one should listen:

‘anyone can make a recording now, the question is, is it worth listening to? … people think anything with a length of 40 – 60 minutes is an album, but this is not the way it works.’

Jac Holzman founded Elektra Records (home to The Doors, Queen Carly Simon and The Stooges) as well as being an early influence on what eventually became MTV, as in ’66 he made one of the first, if not THE first music video ever. You’d think that someone who’s been in the label boardroom longer than most of today’s tech whizzes have been alive would be decidedly out of touch, but Jac is more tuned to the cutting edge than almost anyone in the industry

Listen for yourself on this brief interview with the man himself:

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