Google (music) TV

Google unveiled its Google TV platform earlier this year: it’s designed to bring apps and web connectivity to TVs and set-top boxes. Now Google published an update on its content partners, now including three music services – Vevo, Pandora and Napster.

Music Ally calls this ‘one of the first big pushes for streaming music onto televisions, which is set to kick off later this month when the first Google TV enabled tellies go on sale’.

Erm, MTV just went off the (free) screen in Germany, and this is not the only example for music television that went down the drain. Why will streaming music to the TV be any different? I don’t see the point, but at least Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff has hailed the launch: “The TV, that other screen that touches all of our lives, is being hit in a big way with the Internet stick and it is only a matter of time before televisions everywhere have access to the Web and all of the great content and interactive experiences that we enjoy online.”

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