RIAA go the fuck away Altogether / group behind web attacks reveals their motives

Internet activist group ‘Anonymous’: RIAA go the fuck away Altogether and remove the barbaric laws!

Anonymous protesters behind UK politician

In an interview with Panda Labs, a member from Anonymous, the group behind the attacks that forced the RIAA and MPAA sites offine clarified their position in the file-sharing debates as advocates for free information, which they consider the basis of the “the next step in a cultural revolution of shared information.”

Is the RIAA attempting rather to save artists income threatened by file-sharing or are they blocking recent shifts in our (information) society that are much larger than the short-term perspective of revenues for industries?

The RIAA is facing a very potential opponent as hypebot puts it:

They’re all much larger than the trade organizations that’ve waged war against them. Not only in the capacity of strength in numbers, but excess of free time. As well, Anonymous is a globally distributed and infinitely expandable group of intellectuals and programmers—who do this for free, for fun, and have something they deeply believe in—they’re challenging a structured, hierarchical organization with paid, full-time staff, with costs to pay. Anonymous and the RIAA operate from and within two very different worlds.

Asked if they were able to resolved this situation, what would they want the respective media authorities of the world to do? They replied:

“I would want them to basically go the fuck away altogether. Remove the barbaric laws they have lobbied for. Treat people like PEOPLE instead of criminals. Their long outdated traditional views on copyright infringement enforced solely by rich and powerful corporations need to be modified in light of the modern age on the Internet, the Information Age. Artists under the media conglomerates have very little say in the content they produce and make a fraction of the profit.”

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