SN wars, FB vs. Twitter vs. mySpace

Last month the four-year-old micro-blogging service surpassed MySpace in unique visitors to become the No. 3 social networking-type service in the world, according to new data from comScore Inc. Twitter had nearly 96 million unique visitors in August, up 76% from the same period last year, comScore said. MySpace, meanwhile, dropped 17% during the same period, to 95 million unique visitors last month.

Actually I don’t know any artists or even persons any more who are putting any effort into their outdated myspace accounts.

Will the long overdue Myspace relaunch on October 15th change this? I doubt this. Well, compared to Facebook every other social network looks like amateur, but specialized networks for e.g. music might become a bigger impact again, when the artists will start to feel submerged by the sheer lot of competitors from music and other branches.

Twitter says that nearly 370,000 new user accounts are created every day. Yesterday Twitter also officially unveiled its new ‘Promoted Accounts’ initiative. Advertisers will pay Twitter to automatically suggest to users with appropriate interests that they follow the advertisers. Costs are unclear, but in comparison, the Wall Street Journal reports that Twitter ‘is selling promoted tweets for upwards of $100,000′. Twitter is also abandoning its @earlybird initiative – an account that users could follow to get daily deals from advertisers.

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