it’s all rich media / Nick Denton, Gawker, speaks on future of online media

At IAB Mixx conference, New York, Gawker Media Founder Nick Denton gave his estimation of the future of blogging:

“People don’t really want to read text, … they want videos, they want images, bigger, more lavish.”

Denton said Gizmodo’s leak of the iPhone 4 was a good example, as images quadrupled the traffic for the blog that week. According to Denton, text is more useful for providing context and explanation for more visual kinds of media, rather than serving as the primary medium itself.

In other words, consumers are looking for online media products that more closely resemble TV and magazines.

Denton also said that Gawker may eventually roll out Facebook versions of its Google-optimized sites, which would allow for a more personalized, “intimate” news and entertainment experience. Facebook versions would also allow the company to further capitalize on the sharing capabilities of the platform to reach new readers. Denton does not have similar plans for Twitter, which he thinks is too much of a closed system.


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