Web & TV Pt. 2

How can TV and the Internet be combined in a clever way?

Would you fancy a TV set with an implemented browser? Sounds good, but why?

What added value would a browser give you in addition to using your laptop, desktop, mobile phone? The idea of implementing internet as a widget, as just one other input device will keep TV as mono functional as it is. What would be the difference in inserting a DVD into a DVD player hooked up to you TV, to inserting a movie via an internet site hooked up to it?

Imagine instead you could use the TV to record films, documentaries, news, to your storage cloud.

Imagine you could use overlays with additional information, like online shops to TV commercials, like wikipedia entries to documentaries, like text manuals to a cooking program, …

TV broadcasters broadly ignore the fact, that they generate and gather a community every time they broadcast a film, a series, whatever. People watch an episode of Lost on the TV and go online afterwards to share thoughts about this. Socializing is the key to future consumers, why don’t TV companies implement share functions, realtime social media, forums, etc. to their program in order to keep the audience within their economic reach?

Instead they let them consume, and then let them go way. So all revenues built on communicating ABOUT the respective program is lost to third parties. Apart from few examples where broadcasters tried to set up online enhancements of their products.

Quite stupid, isn’t it?

read the first part here: http://wp.me/psD1w-cr

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