Web & TV Pt. 1

Each year consumer electronic fair ifa leaves the impression television is still the most important medium in the world. Even though most of us watch their favorite shows and series online, flat screens and 3D gets pushed into our focus again. This leads to the question, of when the struggle between Internet and TV will finally be over.
The history of this struggle is long and based not only on technological, but also on ideological issues and it’s no coincidence that concepts and technologies combining both sides only make it to the market very slowly.
That the internet will replace the TV was a common slogan from the first days of online entertainment, but it never happened. Media consumption online raises rapidly, while TV is at least stable.
2009 was the first year some territories reported higher marketing / ad budgets for online but TV commercials. This goes with a shrinking number of cable operators and private stations.
The TV is not a must more. So today a fusion of TV with the internet is not a question of convenience anymore but a necessity for a medium struggling to survive – that is why there is Hulu.
Television is one way broadcasting. Internet is a matter of interaction.
The hardware concepts of television and the Internet were almost always incompatible. A TV set is receiving only, slowly accompanied by various input channels like VCRs, DVDs, Bluerays, game consoles, all of which need to feed their respective standards and formats into a black box. A bunch of single-function devices, with implemented protective barriers between the respective media.
For computers and the internet it was the other way around. More and more functions have to be integrated, be compatible, multi-functional, in all directions.
Computers developed from work stations to consoles to universal entertainment systems, social control centers. They interact with a TV set via USB easily, while even the most expensive Bravia flat screen does not even offer a browser. Playstation has a browser.
Try to convert your VCR tapes to your computer and you will find out how much a closed environment the TV is.
Now ask the consumers, according to a recent study 61% believe that the ability to have all your entertainment in one device will gain importance in the future.
read the second part here: http://wp.me/psD1w-cz

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