Berlin Music Week – aftermath 2

Berlin Music Week just sent out a press release:
Berlin Senator for economics Harald Wolf: ‘I think we can state that Berlin is back on the map of international music events.’

Did you notice? He didn’t say ‘music trade events’, and I don’t think this was a mistake, as many details point out the whole Berlin Music Week was rather biased on PR for Berlin and increasing tourism rather then supporting an industry.

Horst Weidenmüller, managing director !K7 Records and co-president of IMPALA: ‘… with Berlin Music Week we established one of the most important international music trade shows.’
The flattery goes on, as ‘Berlin Music Week 2010 was the musical highlight for all partners, visitors and everyone involved, …’.

The crucial question will be what Messe Berlin, owner of Popkomm GmbH decides after they checked their numbers. Will there be a Popkomm in 2011 or not? Remember, in 2009 they postponed their event because of a weak attendance, that was way higher than this year. So we’ll have to wait how this further drop will influence their will to maintain Popkomm, when maybe next year no senate will pay the rent.

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