Popkomm – first numbers and quotes

Dr. Ralf Kleinhenz, managing Direktor of Popkomm summarized today: ‘Berlin demonstrated it’s enormous potential as a location for creative industries this week. Popkomm as the (sic!) nucleus of Berlin Music Week was the event to highlight creativity as well as new business models and where demands and offers mingle. The good vibes at the exhibition is proof that the new location was appreciated.’

Popkomm informed that 60% of the exhibitors were internationals, making Popkomm the most international b2b event in Germany – a sidekick at ambiguous Reeperbahn Festival. We learned that 7500 people attended the fair till thursday, as for the public friday Popkomm expects 10000 – an easy task, as this will be the crowd entering the ‘Berlin Festival’ Open Air.

All excited Jörg Evers, president of the board of German collecting society GEMA: ‘a promising comeback’

Stefan Michalk, managing Direktor German ifpi: Popkomm arrived at Tempelhof, ready for take off for the future years.  

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