Berlin Music Week / Popkomm, first day, first impressions

I’ve been at the Tempelhof airfield for Popkomm yesterday and was more but curious to find out what happens.


Registration was smooth and I got in in under 10min.

There were more people hanging around than I did expect, as the numbers published by Popkomm before the event were but low, 400+something exhibitors instead of 800+ in 2008. Also the new policy of not selling day tickets raised the concern that this will minimize attendance.



the 'international section'

Entering what was called an exhibition in former days, two long aisles with samll rooms on one side, that companies could rent. There are no more booths or presentations like one used to see at Popkomm, but counters only. Unfortunately there were nearly no companies present on the national pavilions too, so the impression of the trade show is rather a show and tell exhibition of your local high school.


But nevertheless I kept running into people that involved me into business talks but most of them were locals or from Germany.


Daniel Barkowski, Director of Popkomm presented a different interpretation of the event in an interview with



Q: The recording industry is going through a rough decline far a long period. What’s your valuation of the music industry in 2010?

Barkowski: The industry certainly still is in transition. So yes, the Popkomm is very important for people to come together and to get into contact. that is why we radically revised our concept this year, we quit selling big booths on which everyone is more or less by itself, to a big communication platform…and opened for the public…


Q: Teenagers tend to see products of casting tv formats as ‘artists’ rather than bands or musicians, is a showcase festival like yours not rather off the radar of your target group?


Barkowski: You ask the right guy – I am even responsible for the teenage fair ‘You’ (ed.: a public fair for teenage lifestyle products). There you learn a lot about young peoples attitudes. Many of them are very musical, many do rap or dance.


Maybe this insights do not cope the whole complexity of revenue dropping due to file sharing, an increasing ignorance on author and copy rights, media oversupply, …



sign says: 'German subsidies catalogue'

I ran into someone from the Berlin senate of economics, in charge of the subsidies for the Berlin Music Week, later in the evening, who was completely stoked about the overwhelming success and media coverage of the event.



I just do hope their aim was not only to push Berlin into some headlines, but to pursuit a midrange support for the creative industries in Berlin.

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