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It’s a rather basic idea on how interfaces will alter music consumption

Interfaces are our first points of contact when it comes to choose or buy content. Count the questions asked before being served a Cappuccino at Starbucks – poorly designed interface. The iPods interface became the role model of how content has to be accessible to the user: simple, intuitively, ubiquitous. The crucial question will be, how will content be consumed and ‘handled’ in a touch screen or augmented reality environment? A fast developing screen technology and interface design is aiming at more interaction with the device. Scrolling, tree menus, compiling play lists, tagging will be a K.O. criteria as soon as new ways to interact with devices created new habits and thus a new approach towards media consumption, and towards the content. Not convinced? A house party with DJs not beat matching and mixing? A portable keyboard with your iPad? Sound being turned off at the movies as in former days there was silent movies? All is habits based on new interface and/or screen technology. Now think of music being presented not as a mass of data you need to manage, but creative material you can proactively interact with? A song that can be played with various video edits that you can swipe over it, or that can be altered from a pop to a singer songwriter or dub or instrumental version by a simple gesture you perform on the screen… That new interfaces / screens will penetrate our daily routines in the next 1,5 years is a matter of fact, time to start thinking.

if this gets selected one of you will

win a free ToyJoda!

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