why DIY online promotion will not work out

size matters

A short draft against DIY promotion:
Music lovers are never going to accept and process billions of artist-initiated emails, status updates and text messages. Pushy self-promotion doesn’t scale. If everyone is doing it, nobody is going to do it effectively; fans are going to tune these messages out as spam.
Above a certain threshold it makes strategic sense to invest in capitalizing on the momentum that fans have created for you. This would be when you receive online traffic, mentions and impressions north of five hundreds of thousands to low millions. Now it would make sense to seek mass-exposure via radio, television, film, ads, large festivals etc. – prior to this, you are just one of the many millions seeking fame and fortune online.
If fans are impressed by your music and hooked to your online (self-) promotion, you should be able to find, analyze and measure fan-generated content that features you on YouTube, on Flickr, within an expanding list of Google search results, within numerous Twitter tweets, on blogs, on file sharing networks, on music social networks, and all over Facebook.  If fans are not rating, mentioning and featuring you or your songs, you should consider to invest in your music first before you try to flog your promotion even harder?
Another thing about an-based social promotion, today such is visible across a broad spectrum of consumer products, just check engadget.com generating some million PIs a month. That means you compete with not only other artists/labels, but also consumer electronics, fashion, lifestyle goods, businesses that spend a lot(!) of money in this field and are your direct competitors.

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