filesharing, not wrong just illegal

Kamal Dhillon, a Grade 12 student at Balmoral Hall School, won the 2010 Glassen Ethics Competition with his striking short essay on file sharing.
In a nutshell he says that something that is illegal – like file sharing – doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily immoral. He contradicts and outsmarts arguments of e.g. RIAA who are still lack consistent arguments for the basis of their actions but simply sue people and thus equal their actions as illegal and immoral.
Also he says that from a practical point of view, trying to regulate the distribution of copyright protected content over the Internet is an unachievable goal.
For a 12 grader this is a rather impressive thought and I’d recommend to read this – at least to get a gist of how and what recording industries clients do actually think and feel about the issue.

read the full text here:

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