Popkomm conference past to present

I’m a little frustrated…
I was researching if and which evolution leading topics of Popkomm conferences did take. 
But I couldn’t find many programs of previous Popkomm conferences online. Unfortunately they do not offer an archive on the Popkomm website. If anyone still has the pdfs of the older conferences from 2004-2007, I’d be glad to get a copy for some evaluation? Might be interesting to get the key topics / names / perspectives in a row to visualize how a conference did develop it’s issues.

I only got the 2008 program and few of the keynote speakers from prior editions. But as a2n did not publish their program yet either, I just picked the names they confirmed so far.
Anyway, it seems that topics didn’t really change the last years: skipping through the 2008 edition, authors rights was a big issue (keynote by Robbin Gibb who is representing more than 222 authors’ societies in 118 countries), Market Overviews (Turkey, eastern Europe, …), new business models detailed on Radiohead’s pay what you want model, automotive, licensing/sync rights e.g. film music / soundtracks, concert business, artists perspective, …
In 2010 it nearly reads the same: Artists perspective, new business models, licensing issues, future of labeling, (DIY) marketing, pop and politics (this headline sounds familiar too),

Don’t get me wrong, this are – no doubt – pressing issues the recording industry has to deal with, so some redundancy is not an indicator for a lack of quality. But nevertheless I’m often surprised by the lack of practical knowledge on how and from what scale on does DIY marketing really pay? What actual technologies are already embedded in mobile devices, which interface design requires new ways to make up and present your content. At least more workshops that transfer knowledge enabling you to get back home to your desk and do things better, instead of knowing all the brands out there…

former Popkomm conference speakers:

Robin Gibb, president of CISAC

Feargal Sharkey, artist (Undertones)

Gilberto Gil, minister of Culture Brazil

Claude Nobs, founder Montreux Jazz Festival

Lou Perlman, producer

Wim Wenders, film director

Billy Bragg, artist

Klaus Voormann, graphic designer/ artist (cover art for e.g. the beatles revolver album)

Daniel Hope, artist (4x winner classical Echo)

David Goldberg, Vice President & General Manager Yahoo! Music USA

Eddie Cue, Vice President Applications Apple

Ilkka Raiskinen, Senior Vice President, Entertainment Products Nokia

René Baumann aka DJ Bobo, artist

Eric Garland, CEO BigChampagne Media Measurement

Here is the full 2008 Programm


a2n, Popkomm conference speakers 2010:

Jill Sobule, artist (e.g. contributed a song to the movie clueless)
Horst Weidenmüller, CEO !K7 Records

Martin Thörnkvist, Songs I Wish

Mark Chung, CEO Freibank Publishing / German Indie Ass.

Clive Gardiner, We7

Daniel Haver, Native Instruments

Prof. Peter Schwenkow, DEAG Deutsche Entertainment AG

Martin Thörnkvist, Songs I Wish

Andrew Dubber, Steve Lawson und Saskia Trokkoli, New Music Strategies

Kevin Arnold, IODA

Monika Bestle, Sonthofener Kulturwerkstatt (venue owner)

here is the yet confirmed programm of 2010

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