Berlin Music Week answers to harsh criticism from Dieter Gorny

It didn’t take long till Berlin Music Week answered Gorny’s criticism.
In an open letter, Olaf Kretschmar, head of Berlin Music Week approached Dieter Gorny and offered him to join forces instead of blocking common interests and the companies Gorny is representing:

Olaf Kretschmar

Dear Dieter Gorny,

I appreciate your interest in our project. Allow me to remind you how vivid Berlin is and also will be during the days of Berlin Music Week, a city which not only is an international music capital because of the tens of thousands of music tourists visiting Berlin every weekend to go to legendary clubs and to enjoy acts of worldwide reputation (…). A city that does feature a wide range of styles, a variety of musical niche genres that aren’t on the radar yet, but about to breed the next influences for artists around the globe.
Innovation is based on variety (…).

Diversity is a value not to be sen on the first glimpse, because it is heterogeneous. Music is not made by organizations, administrations or networks, but by creative individuals. And these do meet here in Berlin. The artist is the basis for the recording industry – and they expect from us to undergo every effort to create a better infrastructure for their work.

This is why Berlin Music Commission organizes together with the berlin club commission, all2gethernow and with support of the Berlin Senate a joint event called Berlin Music Week. Popkomm will be part of this umbrella event. (…) Reading your dpa Interview, I was surprised finding out that your key issues actually do match ours on a broad scale – only that we do draw different conclusions.

Everything starts and is based on local networks. This is their core issue, being grounded. A local music scene, the local venues and a urban infrastructure from where e.g. tourism can be developed from.  But does this keep networks from being international? (…) ANd we know that Berlin Music Week needs to build international relevance, our success is partly dependent on Berlin jumping this train, of enhancing it’s role as a global music hotspot, supported by political decisions and acceptance as well as budgets from the Berlin government. (…)

About your complaint that ‘nothing big is going to happen’ – well you need to start at some point, and then grow. (…) and amongst other things we need strong partners like your intistution, the german ifpi / BVMI. But your pleasurably recited criticism blocks such developments and thus blocks the industry you represent. So let’s put such vanity aside and start to communicate targeted.

yours Olaf Kretschmar / head of Berlin Music Week

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