Google about to copy Apples iTunes?

I stumbled up this one,
a short one on the buzz, Google is planning to launch it’s own music service by Peter Kafka on ‘all things digital’.
Mainly because Gerd Leonhard posted his reflex of ‘disagree – Google needs to ‘

Kafka thinks it would make perfect sense for Google to jump in that field, even if the profit per download is fairly low.
CNET reported last week Google started to talk to the big music companies and dropped a launch date end of 2010.
Kafka sees a better chance for Google in copying iTunes pay per song model (even though others like Apple already staked their claims in this business a long time ago), but to follow the music-flat rate ideas of Napster, Rhapsody, Rdio, MOG, ect.. or ad paid services like Imeem or MySpace Music.
Google is directing traffic to services that profit from ads and purchases – why not running both, search engine and the search result themselves?
But Kafkas best argument is that music is a value add for Android (the OS for Google mobile services) and such a wedge against Apple! But this would imply, that Google manages to built better phones and devices then their first attempt Nexus which fairly sucked…

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